Saturday, September 6, 2008

Locavore Dragon Tongue Beans

As part of my “horse mom” duties I often take my stepdaughter to and from Clearview Stable where she rides with her trainer on the weekends she’s with us. Just a few minutes from Green Thumb Organics, which is the largest organic market on the south fork, we zipped over there in the car to pick up just a few items for dinner. Camille spotted the most beautiful looking bean – a cream colored bean mottled with deep purple streaks called dragon tongue beans that ranged from five to eight inches long. We couldn’t resist the color or the name and grabbed a pound of these freshly picked heirloom beauties (a bush was bean from the Netherlands) along with a half a pound of locally grown shitake (Open Minded Organics of Bridgehampton – note OMO sells their mushrooms at $20/lb at the farmers market -- which is what I paid last week-- and Green Thumb sells them for $30/lb – worth the drive to Sag Harbor or Westhampton’s farmers market on Saturday if you need some poundage of mushrooms for your recipes.

Back to the beans….

Asian Style Dragon Tongue Beans

Cook the dragon tongue beans the same way you’d could any other flavorful green bean. Tonight I trimmed and cut the beans into one inch pieces, blanched them in boiling water for about 1 minute (don’t be surprised when the purple stripes disappear leaving a creamy yellow color), rinse in cold water, then pat with paper towels to dry. Then, right before dinner, quickly sautée the beans in toasted sesame oil and fresh grated ginger (normally I would sauté some garlic before adding the beans but I wanted to taste the full flavor of the dragon tongues and not over power their delicate, earthy flavor). Sautee just to heat as you want to enjoy the crispiness. Easy to prepare as there are no strings to pull.

Add garlic and a splash of soy sauce to the pan and finish with a handful of toasted sesame seeds.

Green Thumb Organics is a 12th generation family farm that is certified organic and uses biodynamic farming practices. Green Thumb supplies several CSAs with fruits and vegetables through the season and also sell items from nearby farms (Mecox Dairy and Open Minded Organics)
They are in Water Mill, NY
1/2 mile east of the windmill
Water Mill, NY

For more about Green Thumb Organics check out
Edible East End's article in the Spring 2006 issue on Page 60"Roadside Diaries: Strawberry Politics".

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