Friday, August 1, 2008

Hello! And, welcome to the Light-Hearted Locavore Blog

“GROWN ON LONG ISLAND” is the motto of the Long Island Farmers Bureau and that’s the spirit of my new blog -- locally grown food from Long Island, New York City and beyond – fresh, delicious, sustainable and nutritious with a little social history throw in!

I’m crazy for food – anything local from Long Island or New York's tri-state area. Fish from the Atlantic and potatoes, zucchini and wine from the fertile soils upstate and downstate.

The great thing about the area in and around Long Island and New York City this time of year is that locally grown food is readily available with an abundance of farm stands, specialty stores and farmers markets selling not only produce but also cheeses made from local dairy cows, shellfish and seafood caught by fishermen from Montauk and all kinds of fresh-made baked goods.

A native New Yorker, I’ve been eating local for nearly 50 years.

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