Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cochon -- that's New Orleans for P-I-G

We had dinner at Cochon in April and went again last night with our friends Marshal and Maria Weaver. Think barbeque joint meets upscale dining.

I had oysters cooked in a wood fire oven (love the butter and cayenne) and the ham hock with corn maque choux which is a stir-fry of corn, peppers, onions and wonderful cajun/creole spices and pronounced "mock shoe". It was hard not to resist the whole roast suckling pig which I had last time and will have again it's so scrumptious but I forced myself to try the ham hock which was equally delicious. Despite my eagerness to try something new, watching Marshall savor the pig did give me a little bit of pig envy I will add.

Corn maque choux recipes often include heavy cream but Cochon's didn't have any cream (I guess the fat calories in the braised PIG was enough). It's delicious, a lot like the succotash dish of the northeast. The Acadian Indians introduced corn to Louisianans -- for you food historians, there's a long, colorful history of the term "maque choux" at Barry Popik's blog. Mr. Popik is a contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary, Dictionary of American Regional English, Historical Dictionary of American Slang.

For more on Cochon, check out the New York Times article (which is how I heard about Cochon).

Cochon Restaurant
930 Tchoupioulas Street
New Orleans, LA
(504) 588- 2123

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