Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seasonal Autumnal and Amazing Telepan

Tonight, Henry and I joined our friends, Les and Linda Colbert, at Telepan near Lincoln Center. I've wanted to eat at Telepan (again) ever since I tasted Chef Telepan's beet green and ricotta pierogis at the Just Food "Lettuce Eat Local" Beach Party/Gala on September 9th (pierogis are a kind of Slavic Polish-style ravioli of sorts).

Henry and I were here in the early Spring and enjoyed it. Tonight we had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed talking politics and eating. Les and Linda (who were both new to the restaurant) loved it too. Feeling like I wanted to eat lightly, I had the delicious, fresh and seasonal vegetable salad followed by the halibut which was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside served over more veggies. Linda went wild for the lobster. I will say if I weren't watching my waist, I would have savored Henry's ravioli with short ribs.

Light-hearted (and light eating) went right out the window when I ordered the artisanal cheese
plate which consisted of the creamy TRIO (CA) made from cow, sheep and goat's milk, the fragrant BATCH 35 (NY) cow cheese, CAPRI BLUE (MA) tangy goat with blue rind, and the classic and nutty GRUYERE (WI).

I didn't get to talk to the Chef Telepan tonight just admire his talents. Telepan uses fresh and seasonal ingredients that are cooked in a way that enhances their natural flavors. An advocate of farm fresh, local fare, Telepan uses seasonal (and local) ingredients in pretty much all his dishes (except, like me he's lighthearted when it comes to steamed chocolate cake and the banana split -- which you just know is not from around here).

72 West 69 Street
New York, NY
212 580 4300

Later this month, Chef Telepan is supporting several more organizations that I support:
October 19 -- Slow Food Harvest at Institute for Culinary Education
October 21 -- City Harvest Bid Against Hunger
October 29 -- Taste of the Greenmarket

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