Sunday, November 16, 2008

Locavore Thanksgiving --- Long Island

I always knew that the people on Long Island make sense. In this New York Times/Long Island section article about buying and eating locally grown foods for Thanksgiving, the author refers to the "Marco Polo Exception" to eating local grown and sustainable food. (I've also seen the phrase "Marco Polo Caffeine Exception" referring to the 13th century explorer who introduced the world's spices from the Far East to Europeans). What she means of course, is that many locavores are in fact "lighthearted" if they indeed want spicy foods and a buzz in the morning, not to mention olive oil, coconuts and other wonderful foods that have never and will never be grown locally in New York.....

Table's Bounty: Keeping It Local
in the Long Island Edition of the New York Times, by Susan M. Novick , November 14, 2008

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