Saturday, January 17, 2009


Photo: Donuts and hot spiced cider from The Milk Pail...

Southampton, NY (freeeezzzzing cold outside)
Today, it's nearly ZERO DEGREES outside. The island is covered in snow and ice and the Shinnecock Bay is F-R-O-Z-E-N but it was warm and toasty inside The Milk Pail where they were making fresh apple cider donuts. We bought a half dozen donuts, a 1/2 gallon of apple cider, extra sharp cheddar cheese, and strawberry jam (and were in awe with a very cool looking honey comb). The Milk Pail is the ONLY farmstand in the Hamptons that's open in January -- it's a good thing since I have only a few tomatoes and a bunch of basil in the freezer left from last summer. 

After yummy open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, the kids and I broke into the donuts and ate them all for dessert -- but not before dunking them in the hot apple cider seasoned with cinnamon. 

Mmm good. I'm all warmed up as I look outside at our snow covered deck. 

Hot Spiced Cider
Heat 4 cups of apple cider over medium heat, add one cinnamon stick per serving. Pour into mugs and put one stick per cup. Enjoy 

Located on Montauk Highway in Water Mill, the Milk Pail is open only in the fall and winter months. They have a U-Pick business with 26 varieties of apples and conventional and ugly pumpkins. At the farmstand, they sell hand-pressed cider made from the less than perfect apples, farm made cheeses and homemade apple cider donuts as well as apple butter and jams and a few items from Vermont. This location closes for spring and summer but you can buy fruit and vegetables and flowers at the Mini Milk Pail and Amy's Flowers on Mecox Road.

1346 Montauk Highway
Water Mill, NY 11976
Mon.-Sat. 9:30-5:30 Sun. 10:00-5:30
Closed Tuesdays 

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