Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ground Breaking News! New, White House Vegetable Garden

Artwork courtesy of, Locavore Activists for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


Michelle Obama announced the new White House fruit and vegetable garden will break ground tomorrow -- the first day of Spring. With 55 varieties of all kinds of veggies, the garden will include tomatillos, collards and dozens of other fruits, veggies and herbs --  just about every kind of produce you can imagine that will grow in Washington, DC in the spring and summer. Bloggers report that the garden will also have the "controversial, elitist" arugula but NO BEETS -- rumor has it that President Obama abhors beets (too bad, Mr. President, beets are delicious so good for you and the girls)!

A 1,100 square foot plot, the "kitchen garden" will be organic and incorporate integrated pest management and other sustainable gardening practices. Two bee hives and a resident beekeeper will produce what will soon be an extremely rare commodity, White House raised honey. If I were to pick a brand name for honey from the first mansion I'd call it "White House Liquid Gold". (I know my friends, Jacquie Berger and Nadia Johnson over at Just Food are dancing on the clouds right about now, as they've been working really hard with New York City Council Member David Yassky, my sister's friend, to legalize beekeeping in New York City. I hope their job just got a little easier -- if there's a beekeeper tending hives at the White House why not the five boroughs of New York? A shameless plug for Just Food and New York Urban Ag but what do you expect from the "LightHearted Locavore"! Learn more about urban beekeeping at Just Food's site and sign the petition to legalize beekeeping in New York City. )

Only two months ago, I predicted a White House Garden and, of course, if you're going to plant a garden in Washington for the 2009 growing season why not break ground on March 20th -- the first day of SPRING. Check out my January 31st post "Change Locavores Can Believe In" advocating a "First Garden". 

According to the blog that broke the news, , "the garden may be viewable from the street; there's a little access road that runs between the Ellipse and the South Lawn, which is a frequent gathering place for tourists." 

Check out to Food Advocates that worked hard to make this happen:
The White House Organic Farm Project
White House Farmer website

Congratulations to Locavores all over the World and to Mrs. Obama and the fifth grade students at Washington DC's Bancroft Elementary who will be planting the garden. 

I'll be in DC next week on Spring break with my twin sixth graders. I hope we can sneak a picture of the freshly dug up plot... stay tuned..........

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