Saturday, March 14, 2009

Local Food IS Global

NOTE: I lost Internet for a few days so will be getting some posts for last week uploaded over the weekend as I catch my breath from 3 days of lost productivity. Thanks to my patient and loyal readers. 

In the meantime, I wanted to let New York City area local food activists know about a great opportunity to learn about the "global" local food movement and the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. The worldwide sustainable agriculture movement w is ALL ABOUT LOCAL FOOD and FOOD ACCESS!!  Beginning on March 30, there is a 6-session class at the New School called "Civil Society Engagement in U.N. Food and Agriculture Policy: A Training Workshop" which is taught by Thomas Forster. 

I am working with Thomas on the Commission for Sustainable Development meetings (May 4-15) as a co-host for the NYC Showcase Committee. I have also taken and been a visiting guest speaker in his classes!! If you are interested in food policy, even if it's at the local level, this is a great way to get involved hands-on with food policy and spend some time in the UN! 

I'm working with other students from Thomas' classes and it's a been a terrific experience. Click here for registration information or go to New School's website at and find the Continuing Education classes, the UN class is filed under Food Studies. 

Civil Society Engagement in U.N. Food and Agriculture Policy: A Training Workshop NFDS0201
A 6 session(s). Mon., 8:00 PM-9:50 PM, beg. March 30. $418.00
Register: Non-Credit
Thomas Forster

In May 2009, the United Nations will host sessions of the Commission on Sustainable Development devoted to food, land use, and agriculture in the context of the global food crisis. Leaders of farmers' and citizens' organizations and other civil society groups from around the world will be present to promote sustainable agriculture and rural development policies that enable small farmers and communities to reduce hunger and poverty while protecting the environment. Local food and farming organizations have the opportunity to host events and speak about food and agriculture with leaders of international civil society groups and government representatives. This workshop provides participants with the background they need to participate directly and effectively in the discussions and policy reviews at the Commission on Sustainable Development sessions. Guest speakers at the workshop include leaders of indigenous, women's, farmers', and youth groups and trade unions, as well as government and U.N. officials who are preparing for the commission meetings. (0 credits)

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