Thursday, March 19, 2009

LOCAVORE iphone app -- great for um...locavores!

Art courtesy of the new iphone app LOCAVORE by Buster McLeod. 

I discovered a fresh, new application for my iPhone. I don't typically download apps on my phone (or twitter for that matter or do much with my phone besides emails and calls) but this app got my attention -- it's called L-O-C-A-V-O-R-E !!! Simple, one word, LOCAVORE, says it all - someone who loves locally grown food and wants all the help she/he can get to find it and cook it. 

Backed by, (my favorite recipe site) and Natural Resources Defense Council with an interface with the iPhone's Global Positioning System, the developer Buster McLeod may have a winner among the ever-growing population of local food enthusiasts, Lighthearted Locavores and "serious"/hard core locavores alike. This app figures out where you are using the GPS, finds all the nearby farmers markets, lets you know what's in season in your area  and connects you with recipes for 234 fruits and veggies -- all with the touch of a finger and a locavore's taste for delicious, fresh, locally grown produce brought to you by a farmer and a chef. 

Anyhow, I downloaded the new app and will check it out over the next few weeks in NYC, Southampton, Baltimore, Virginia and Washington DC. Check out iTunes and stay tuned for my review.....

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