Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Pride (of New York) is Inside...

Pride of New York Logo courtesy of the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets website

On Sunday and Monday, I spent some time over at the Javits Convention Center with the Brooklyn-based New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Team touting the benefits of the “Pride of New York” marketing program to New York restaurants. Bob Lewis of the Dept. of Ag and Markets put together an impressive collection of food processors, farms, orchards, an oyster farmer, a wholesale and retail farmers market operator and a restaurant in the large and impressive section of the floor showcasing the many local exhibits in the Pride of New York Marketplace. 

For a low $25 fee, restaurants and chefs that serve and feature locally-grown food on their menus can join the growing ranks of restaurants displaying the PRIDE OF NEW DECAL (ideally above the credit card logos on the front door or window). A great benefit of the program is member restaurants are eligible to apply for co-op advertising dollars to promote local New York made produce, honey, maple syrup and specialty crops on their menus.

Exhibitors included (the name of country follows brand name)

o Breezy Hill Orchards – Dutchess
o Champlain Valley Specialities – Essex - these are the folks who slice and package apple slices for New York City Public Schools 
o Espositio’s Sausage – New York – delicious Italian style and chicken apple sausages made in Hell's Kitchen since 1933  
o Fisher Island Oysters – Suffolk
o Go Veggies – Erie
o Great Performances – New York – Part of the (Mary) Cleaver Co. - a caterer serving locally grown products.  (Also check out Mary's Green Table Restaurant in Chelsea)
o Greenmarkets – New York
o Hunts Point Terminal Produce Market – Bronx
o Katchkie Farm –Columbia – Mary Cleaver's organic, artisanal products, including their much acclaimed Katchkie Ketchup (how’s that for a katchy name?) made from food grown on the farm
o Knoll Krest Farm – Duchess - antibiotic and hormone free chickens and eggs
o Long Island Wine Council – Suffolk - 30 wineries on 3,000 producing world class wines
o My Brother Bobby’s Salsa - Dutchess
o North Fork Potato Chips – Suffolk - these are the best chips bar none - grown, deep fried and packaged in Mattituck, NY - crispy, fresh delicious -- a locavore's dream 
o Red Jacket Orchards – Ontario – “Best on the Plant” ciders, juices, jams and nectars  -- Check out my other posts from September 9th and Christmas.
o Rick’s Picks – New York  - pickled veggies galore – phat beets and “mean” green beans are my favorites -- visit the site for special sampler pack of their unique offerings
o Warwick Valley Winery – Orange – micro-distillery producing delicious fruit wines and hard apple cider -- and beautiful packaging!!!
o Yohay Baking – Suffolk

Calling all locavore restaurants to join Pride of New York now for a one-time fee of $25

Pride of New York
Bob Lewis and the other folks at NYS Dept. of Ag and Markets are devoted to the impressive agricultural industry in New York at an impresive $333 million annul fruit sales, $8 million (322,000 gallons) of maple syrup, and $648 million in vegetable receipts. New York is #2 producer of apples, maple syrup and cabbage in the US, #3 in cauliflower, grapes and strawberries, #4 in cherries and pears, and sweet corn and #5 in squash and onions!! Not to mention New York’s enormous dairy industry (and feed crops) which amount to over $2 billion per year.


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