Thursday, May 14, 2009

New York City Youth Meet UN Youth Caucus!

Photo (Jennifer Calais Smith): New York City Teen Iron Chef and Greenmarkets Youth meet UN Commission on Sustainable Development Youth Caucus

Check out the post over on Sustainable Food Monitor about the Youth Farmers Market at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza yesterday (co-authored by Colin Flora).

"Youth Leaders of the Global Food Revolution Attend Dag Hammerskjold Farmers Market", Sustainable Food Monitor, May 14, 2009
"A youthful, yet purposeful air filled the site of the weekly Wednesday Greenmarket between 1st and 2nd Ave at 47th St. Perhaps it was the Teen Iron Chefs from Urban Assembly HS in Brooklyn, or the young farmers and entrepreneurs of the Youth Farmers Market and Learn It Grow It Eat It Programs (both run by Council on the Environment's Greenmarkets), or the Youth Caucus visiting from the Commission on Sustainable Development session at the UN. But one thing was for sure, young people are ever more aware of the social, economic and environmental challenges facing the world regarding agriculture, food, farming and nutrition... MORE"

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