Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One Local Summer Challenge (for serious locavores)!

Last month, I signed up for One Local Summer which is a 12-week eating local challenge over at FarmToPhilly. Every week, about 30 farmers market shopping and CSA loyal home chefs cook up a local meal or day of meals and then write about it on their own blogs. Then, all the recipes are consolidated into four regional posts on FarmToPhilly's site (Southern, Western, Northeast and New England).

I'm having loads of fun going beyond "lighthearted locavorism" as I'm taking to heart the concept of eating 100% local in as many meals as possible (with the exception, of course, of spices, olive oil, coffee, chocolate etc). It's not easy being a "purist locavaore", but as more and more fresh and local foods become available in the markets and my backyard garden, it's going to get a lot easier in July and August (in the meantime, I know I'm going to have to get over to the Union Square Farmers market so I can pick ups some more locally produced pantry items (i.e., flour, beans) and some meat to round out my family's diet.

Reading about the homemade foods, including locally made ingredients such as home churned butter made from local cows milk and home cured pork belly and smoked bacon, and delicious locavore meals is not only inspirational but mouthwatering!

What's really cool is that the participants are from all over the country, with representation from two New Yorkers -- Lighthearted Locavore and Kristen over at Brooklyn Forager -- and one international participant in England.

We're 4 weeks into the 12-week challenge so I anticipate a lot more delicious recipes made from squash, corn, tomatoes and peaches as well as local seafood, cheeses and local meats.

Check out FarmToPhilly.com and click on the One Local Summer link to hundreds of local recipes. And, select the ONE LOCAL SUMMER link on right side of Lighthearted Locavore for some delicious local dishes that I've cook on Long Island and Manhattan already this summer.

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