Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week One of Chubby Bunny CSA

Photo (courtesy of Chubby Bunny CSA Blog); Bin of French Breakfast Radishes

I'm am so busy getting myself, the dogs and the kids ready for my escape from the rain in New York to the heat wave in Palm Beach, where my husband and I will be staying for the next four days, that I almost missed the excitement of our FIRST WEEK of fruit, veggies and eggs from Chubby Bunny CSA.

This week's share includes: salad mix, tasty baby arugula, a huge bag of spinach, a tiny bit of broccoli raab, a few dozen French breakfast radishes, mint, bright red, fragrant, and slightly sweet strawberries, 4 apples (pulled out of storage I trust) and EGGS! 6 gorgeous Chubby Bunny eggs resting in a grey, cardboard carton.

I dream about the bright orange yolks of Chubby Bunny Farms eggs -- really I do -- you haven't tasted eggs until you've had grass and grub fed, organic eggs made by happy hens.

Chubby Bunny Farm is a small family farm in NW Connecticut which supplies the weekly booty of a wide variety of vegetables and eggs to the Chubby Bunny CSA in New York City. With 50 acres of tillable land, pasture and hay land, Chubby Bunny secures 10 acres for sustainable vegetable production (the rest is for pasture, hay fields, greenhouses and barns). To complement the wide variety of vegetables, Dan and Tracy, who own the farm, raise laying hens, a few pigs and a cow. Fortunately for Dan and Tracy and for us, Chubby Bunny Farm is protected by a Nature Conservancy conservation easement to ensure the land will remain farmland and protected from development in perpetuity.

Chubby Bunny CSA is run by Bernie DeLeo and housed at St. Pauls and St. Andrews/Westside Campaign Against Hunger on West End Avenue and 86th Street.

Chubby Bunny has a new BLOG called "Chubby Bunny CSA in the Big Apple" I am the advocacy coordinator for Chubby Bunny so will be posting quite a bit this season.

There's also a Chubby Bunny Recipe Blog that includes quite a few RADISH RECIPES for those dozen or so mild tasting but large radishes we got this week!!!

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