Thursday, August 6, 2009

All Lobster All the Time on Cape Cod

Camille, Henry and I flew to Hyannis Port for a 48-hour mini-vacation. Tomorrow night, we're joining up with my business school colleagues -- I went to the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago -- for what should be a really fun, and special party. About 100 people flew in from all over the country (and Mexico). Most of us are staying at the Hyannis Port Resort and Conference Center on Scudder Avenue.

If you've ever been to Cape Cod or Hyannis Port, there are two must have food groups in my lighthearted locavore opinion -- lobster and "clam chowda", and eaten, preferably, dining al fresco on the hah-bah!

After flipping through a bunch of local newspapers and dining guides (we wanted lobster, clams, oysters and to eat on the water) I found the Lobster Boat just a few miles down the road from our hotel.

This Cape Cod family friendly tourist trap did not disappoint!!!

From the kitschy facade of this roadside "clam shack" style restaurant -- the entrance of the restaurant is a lobster boat -- and dining on the deck overlooking the water to eating amazingly fresh, locally caught seafood. We took it all in as good tourists should.

I will add, on the food front, there's nothing like starting off a vacation with Bloody Mary "Shrimp Cocktail", tasty bites of Clams Casino -- broiled clams with a bit of bacon -- and delicious (i.e., only a tiny amount of mayo) Lobster Salad.

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