Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lighthearted Locavore Goes "No Impact" Official Movie Trailer for "No Impact Man"

Some of you may know, Colin Beaven, No Impact Man, movie star, book author and blogger with the same name. I met Colin through my colleagues at Just Food -- Colin is on the Communications Committee with me -- and attended a screening of his critically acclaimed, high impact and very amusing movie in August (it's been out about a month now).

Colin teamed up with Huffington Post's GREEN blog and launched "NO IMPACT WEEK" which kicks off today. I signed up and will be write about it all next week.

Do you want to join me? Check out THE GUIDE TO NO IMPACT WEEK and sign up here for what should be a fun, eye-opening challenge.

I'm particularly excited about challenging myself to be less lighthearted and more hyper-locavore than I've been lately AND reduce my overall carbon footprint (and clean out my closets and recycle).

Tonight kicks off a series of interactive, live webcasts with Colin, the editors from Huffington Post's GREEN section and guest speakers. Until tomorrow....

Here is a full list of speakers and times for the web series. Click here for more information about the web series.

Sunday, 10/18 at 5 pm est: Q&A with Colin,
The Huffington Post & Wood Turner from Climate Counts

Monday, 10/19 at 9 pm est: Q&A with Colin, Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy and Betsy Taylor, Founder of Center for a New American Dream

Tuesday, 10/20 at 9 pm est: Q&A with Colin and the
NRDC's Rich Kassel, Senior Attorney and Director for the Clean Fuels and Vehicles Project

Wednesday, 10/21 at 9 pm est: Q&A with Colin and Patty Lovera, Assistant Director of
Food and Water Watch

Thursday, 10/22 at 9 pm est: Q&A with Colin and Gillian Caldwell, Campaign Director of 1Sky

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