Friday, October 23, 2009

Lighthearted Locavore "No Impact" Energy in the Kitchen

Day 5 – No Impact Experiment.

I have to admit, I pull out the food processor, blender, and crank up the oven several times a day sometimes. This week, I was much more aware of my energy use and here are a few guidelines for reducing energy consumption in the kitchen.

While it's a place to start, it's a good idea to ask yourself how you can reduce energy every time you set out to prepare a meal or do the dishes.

How long does a meal need to cook? Raw foods are not only good for you but help you reduce energy consumption. Many fruits and vegetables taste delicious raw and are more nutritious.

Selecting recipes consciously taking into consideration cooking methods and cooking times.

Food Prep. What is the no/low impact way to cook? Think about sharpening your knife skills so you can put away the electric appliances. When you cut food into smaller pieces, it cooks faster using less energy.

What cooking method is the most energy saving? Try a slow cooker or pressure cooker -- both use less energy than top of stove or oven cooking. When you heating a small amount of food, use the toaster oven instead of big oven. If you use the big oven, turn if off before the food is ready. Better yet, cook several meals at once which saves time and energy. It takes the same energy to roast one chicken as it does a chicken and a pan of vegetables.

Clean up. Fill the dishwasher before turning it on. Unplug appliances, especially if you don't use them every day.

And, don't forget to change the lights to LED.

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