Monday, October 26, 2009

Lighthearted Locavore "No Impact" Water in the Kitchen

Day 6 – There are so many ways to reduce water in kitchen, and preserve the quality of our local water.

Water is a precious commodity that I know I don't appreciate living in New York City and Southampton which are two places that have clean and delicious water that is plentiful. New York City with it's Catskill Watershed and the Hamptons with its extensive ground water aquifer system. Not only is important to not waste water, but to keep it clean of toxic pollutants from farms, golf courses, lawns and the like as well as septic systems. Long Island has a unique challenge keeping fresh water clean of salt water intrusing from the oceans and bays.

Here's a brief list of easy to do tips for saving water in the kitchen..

-- Soak the dishes in a tub of water in the sink so you don't waste running water.

-- Dishwasher – pre-soak the dishes so you can use the short cycle

-- Reuse drink glasses and gently used plates through out the day so it takes a lot longer before the dishwasher is full.

-- If you pour into a glass or pitcher, drink it or resue it for plants or for the dog bowl -- think twice before you pour it down the drain

-- Buy a stainless steel, reusable drink container to take with you so you are not tempted to buy bottled water on the go.

-- JUST SAY NO to bottled water


Efforts to protect local are critical to our health and well being. New York City Drinking Water is currently at risk -- read about Scott Stringer's "Kill the Drill" campaign against companies that want to drill for natural gas in NYC's watershed using toxic chemicals in a process called hydrolic fracturing. And, get involved.

Scott Stringer's Press Release, Oct. 1, 2009 "Borough President Stringer Says Plan for Upstate Gas Drilling Jeopardizes City Drinking Water; Calls for Outright Ban on Drilling in City Watershed"

Scott Stringer's Testimony "Before the City Council Committee on Environmental Protection on Natural Gas Drilling in the Catskill/Delaware Watershed"

New York Times, October 16, 2009, "Shale and Our Water"

On Long Island's South Fork in the Towns of Southampton and East Hampton, the South Fork Ground Water Task Force has an educational website on how to protect ground water and the challenges the Hamptons face in protecting its watershed.

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