Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pride of Place: Po' Boys, Oysters, Craw Daddies, Red Beans and Rice

Louisiana Produced Hot Sauces
Exhibit Sign at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, Louisiana Oyster Farmer
Red Beans and Rice at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum

“Friends don’t let friends eat imported shrimp.”
--Poppy Tooker, New Orleans Food Advocate

I love New Orleans. My husband's from Old Metaire, so I get down there quite a bit. So much so that it's become my "home away from home".

While I'm not in New Orleans now and really don't have any plans to go until Jazzfest next April, I can't help but share two heartwarming (and locavore) articles that I've read in the last week about how Po' Boy sandwiches face competition from big chain restaurants selling cheap sandwiches and the difficult, post-Katrina fight against the flood of imported shrimp by Louisiana Shrimpers (aka The White Boot Brigade) in The New York Times and over at Paula Crossfield's Civil Eats food blog.

Reading these articles -- the links are below -- and looking at the slide show -- made me homesick for NOLA. Take it from this lovavore and foodie, there is no city with greater "pride of place" than N'awlins when it comes to food. Or, greater resolve to preserve its rich gastronomic heritage one farmer, one fisherman, one restaurant and one po'boy at a time.

Off Da Boat Seafood at Covington Farmers Market

Photos above: Lexi Van de Walle, New Orleans, October 2008

From today's New York Times 11/11/09...

From Blog last week 11/5/09....
An article about shrimpers and New Orleans food advocates campaigning across
America post-Katrina touting the benefits of Louisiana shrimp in
their efforts to save the storm-devastated industry .

More on Poppy Tooker and Richard McCarthy -- two NOLA Heros...
Tooker's website and cookbook of delish locavore recipes CRESCENT CITY FARMER MARKET COOKBOOK (my husband's cousin, Richard McCarthy, is the founder of Crescent City Farmers Market and MarketUmbrella organizers of the market and White Boot Brigade)

The White Boot Brigade Comes to New York City....
White Boot Brigade New York : read about their their campaign in New York

Video featuring Poppy Tooker, Richard McCarthy, Al Roker and the Shrimpers

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And, More New Orleans Foodie Reads...

The New Orleans Menu by Tom Fitzmorris -- daily blog on good food in New Orleans

Southern Food and Beverage Museum -- If you love food and New Orleans the SoFAB is a must see to learn more about the history of red beans and rice, chicory coffee, sweet tea, beignets, andouille and boudin sausage, gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, crabs and oysters and Sno-Cones!

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