Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Leftovers Soup - Pheasant Feast Day 3

There is nothing like turkey (uh, I mean pheasant soup) the day after Thanksgiving.

Here's a classic and delicious recipe for turkey, chicken or pheasant leftovers. Reminds me of my childhood....

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Soup - made with Pheasant, Turkey or Chicken
Pheasant bones saved from day 1's pheasant gumbo -- 5 whole breast bones
2 meaty carcasses from day 2's Thanksgiving dinner
2 pieces of celery - diced
1 yellow onion - peeled, quartered
2 carrots - diced
a handful of fresh parsley (from the yard) - whole
a handful of fresh sage (from the yard) - whole
10 pepper corns
4 cloves - whole
2 Bay leaves
Salt, to taste
Cooked Wild Rice - left over

Place bones and vegetables in a stock pot. Crack bones to fit into pot and release marrow. Add pepper corns, whole cloves, bay leaves and salt. Cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Reduce to medium low heat and simmer uncovered for an hour. Let cool slightly. Strain broth and remove and toss out bones, pepper corns, cloves, bunches of herbs and onion. Strain broth again using a fine mesh strainer such as a chinois to remove impurities and for a clean looking broth. Cut pheasant meat into bite size pieces and add pheasant, carrots and celery back to the strained broth. Reheat soup and serve in soup bowls over wild rice.

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