Friday, December 11, 2009

Kerry Trueman Puts the Focus on Food

My colleague, Kerry Trueman, co-founder of , food advocate/writer extraordinaire (she says she "would like to be the link between Martha and Jon Stewart") posted an article on Huffington Post today about food and climate change -- she graciously gave me a mention (thanks, Kerry!).

Kerry is a regular contributor to HuffPost Green -- she was a runner up to be selected by HuffPost to attend the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

Please watch the informative and politically spot-on video (that's Kerry sitting on the bank of the Hudson River). And, click over the Huffington Post to read....

NYC Climate Summit Puts the Focus on Food
by Kerry Trueman, Huffington Post , December 11, 2009

Get rich quick! Lose weight fast! We squander billions each year on scams that promise easy money and effortless weight loss. Still, the pounds pile up, the money doesn't, and our tanking bank balances and spiking weight distract us from the more remote, abstract problem of climate change (continued on Huffington Post)

She has hope... excerpt from the article

"So a group of advocates, scholars, farmers, nutritionists, chefs, labor leaders, community gardeners, students and others--myself and Alexa (the "Lighthearted Locavore" - my addition) included--have spent the last several years campaigning to put food issues on the table. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of many dedicated and passionate people, and responsive, visionary politicians like Stringer and Quinn, sustainable agriculture's potential to help solve climate change is becoming more widely known. This, as much as anything that might happen in Copenhagen, gives me hope."

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John at Cell Phone Recycling said...

Well done Ms. Kerry Trueman, may you keep up the good work. It's out of topic but I must say, that I love Martha Stewart.