Monday, May 3, 2010

James Beard Foundation LOCAVORE Media Winners!

Last night New York's James Beard Foundation hosted the JBF Journalism Awards -- the closest thing to being there -- it was invitation only -- was reading the JBF twitter and blog updates live.

Among the winners were many talented culinary stars including writers, film makers and celebrities focusing on eating locally grown fruits and vegetables, fish, meat -- even "bizarre" foods -- or food politics. My high school buddy, Andrew Zimmern host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel was the emcee (and won the highly coveted JBF celebrity award -- congratulations AZ!!!).

Check out the LOCAVORE video, newspaper, magazine and books that won (for a complete list of nominees click here):

"The Greenmarket: One Farmers Story" filmed by Ed Levine of at the Union Square Farmers Market last summer -- watch the video below. A vibrant film about connecting New York's farmers with some of New York's top locavore chefs and the importance of NYC's Greenmarkets. The video includes wonderful footage of Rick Bishop of Mountain Sweet Berry Farm at the farm in Roscoe, NY, and locavore chefs extraordinaire Dan Barber of Blue Hill Restaurant and Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern being interviewed at the market. I just get so excited when Dan Barber talks about locally grown and "DELICIOUS" food -- the way he says delicious is just mouth watering. (Serious Eats also won for best food blog).

Barry Estabrook, Gourmet, March 2009,
"The Politics of the Plate: The Price of Tomatoes". In recent years, Gourmet magazine ran quite a few pieces about food politics including the plight of farm labor many living in slavery like conditions. This article is about the plight of tomato farmers in Florida. Other pieces on sustainability, fishing, genetically modified seeds and many other food politics issues are equally informative. For more articles by Barry Estabrook click here.

Andrew Zimmern host of the Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods" won the Top Food Personality award for his colorful show "Bizarre Foods" now in its fifth season -- catch the current season on Monday nights on the Travel Channel. Andrew travels the globe to first and third world countries, and eats incredibly local foods, from the bizarre to the mundane, made using authentic recipes of the culture he is visiting. From roasted rat to worms, bats, sheep testicles to salt cod, roasted pig, sheep testicles and shrimp, Andrew understands "terroir", a sense of place for food, and brings new meaning to "nose to tail eating". From some of my favorite places in the US, New York and New Orleans, to culinary hot spots around the world Cambodia, Ecuador, Morocco and Germany, he is an adventurer and chef, and most importantly and in my humble option (although he may not know it) -- on location Andrew is The Quintessential LOCAVORE! Congratulations, AZ!

The newspaper feature winner was about a restaurant serving low income communities with a pay what you can pricing strategy. Jared Jacang Maher of Westwood (Denver) won for his piece "SAME Cafe: The restaurant where you pay what you can" which includes a slideshow on the newspaper's website.

Public Broadcasting Systems Emmy awarding winning program Chefs A'Field's "King of Alaska" on location episode on salmon fishing in remote Alaska (and a dozen other on location and green/sustainable coast to coast episodes on farming, bee keeping, and fishing all connection sustainable purveyors with environmentally conscious chefs)

My two favorite cookbooks for cooking with seasonal and local foods published in 2009 are also James Beard Foundation Journalism Award Winners:

There's nothing more primal than cooking meat on a fire. If you have a grill and want to explore different ways to cook meat, veggies and potatoes check out the authentic and delicious "Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentinian Way" by Francis Mallman . You can also read about my Simple Smashed and Long Island Purple Potatoes cooked using a "chapa grill pan" and recipe adapted from this book (and find out what a chapa is.

Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Louisiana by Donald Link of Cochon and Herbsaint restaurants in New Orleans -- he's a fabulous chef, locavore and citizen of the community. Check out my post, "COCHON that's New Orleans for P-I-G" . My other favorite NOLA 2009 recipe book was a finalist as well "My New Orleans: The Cookbook" by John Besh (and a great pheasant gumbo recipe from Lighthearted Locavore adapted from Besh).

Stay tuned -- tonight is the James Beard Foundation Chef awards....

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