Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Public Market: St. Lawrence Toronto

Photos (Lexi Van de Walle) Exterior of St. Lawrence Market; Mural; Sensi Sea Rocks Shop; Meat and Bread Shops; Fish and Cheese Shops

Hands down, the circa 1850 two-story St. Lawrence Market is up there with the Grand Markets of San Francisco, Florence, Paris, London, Saigon and Istanbul that I've been to and some of which I've written about, and rivals many of the old New York and New Orleans covered markets of yesteryear.

Dozens and dozens of shops inhabit the St. Lawrence Market in Downtown Toronto on Front and Jarvis including several bakeries, quite a few bulk food and ethnic groceries, stores selling cheese, dairy and eggs, several delis, a few flower and plant stores, fruit and veggie stands, a tea and coffee purveyor, many meat and markets, organic food sellers, poultry outlets, international array of takeout joints, honey and kitchenware shops and more. And, this doesn't include the farmers and producers who come for the Saturday Farmers Market or dealers who sell at the Sunday flea market every week.

My favorite, probably because I was staying at a hotel in Canada and traveling on planes was the salt shop, Sensi Sea Rocks, where I bought some culinary
pink rock salt from Saskatchewan (Canada and the US are among the top ten salt mining countries in the world behind China).

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