Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RECIPE: Roasted Kohlrabi and Parmesan Cheese

Photo (Lexi Van de Walle): Roasted "Chubby Bunny" kohlrabi with sizzling hot cheese

After making three batches of kohlrabi and cabbage slaw with my CSA veggies, I decided to venture out with a roasted kohlrabi and Parmesan cheese dish. Not only was it simple, it deserves the 5 star rating on AllRecipes website. The roasted slices made for a light meal served with a green salad.

I sliced the peeled kohlrabi as thin as I could - all the same thickness - brushed them with olive oil and roasted in a 450 degree oven til brown, spooned on a small amount of grated Parmesan cheese and popped them back in the oven til the cheese melted. Crispy, delicious, tasty and healthy. Here's a good recipe to follow (I skipped the garlic) and some other ideas for kohlrabi from the Chubby Bunny Blog.

Kohlrabi, for those who are not familiar, is in season now and available at farmers markets and CSAs. I got mine from Chubby Bunny Farm's CSA. Mild and sweet with a hint of cabbage and broccoli flavor, kohlrabi is an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C, low in calories and rich with many trace minerals.


Shaheen said...

i'm on the hunt for something different to do with my kohlrabi. Something different and this looks good, a nice change from coleslaw.

Unknown said...

Mangocheeks-- I've made this recipe 3 times now. It makes for a great light dinner with a glass of chilled white wine. A welcome change from slaw indeed.