Sunday, September 5, 2010

RECIPE: Cold Cucumber Soup Dairy Free

Photo (Lexi Van de Walle): Creamy, dairy-free cold cucumber soup

Thanks to my fellow blogger and family friend, Stephanie Meyer of Fresh Tart, who was recently visiting East Hampton from Minnesota and posted her interpretation of a local restaurant's recipe (and my new Vita-Mix blender), I tried this fantastic tasting and super simple and very creamy cucumber soup recipe. In fact this "creamy" soup does not have a drop of cream in it (the secret is drizzling olive oil into the pureed cucumber soup with the blender on a high speed to emulsify the soup).

I made this recipe in a matter of minutes using just picked kirby cukes and immediately after reading about it on It was gone just as quickly as it was to make it. All you need is good local ingredients.

NOTE: Stephanie Meyer's recipe called for dill which I didn't have on hand so I substituted mint and parsley from the garden. And, I used scallions instead of shallots and garlic.

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