Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scallop Season Opens on Long Island

Just in time for Long Island's Restaurant Week, the 2010/2011 commercial scallop season opened this past Monday with a couple hundred boats out on the first day.  And, a lot of buzz. Baymen are upbeat with some predicting (perhaps hoping for) a better season than last year which was actually pretty decent compared to recent years. But, of course, the harvests have been down 90% versus the decades leading up to the brown tide of the 1980s which Billy Joel sang about in "Downeaster Alexa"). 

I absolutely can't wait until next weekend to pick up some local Peconic Bay scallops -- the sweetest bay scallops I've ever tasted. I'm hungry thinking about scallops-- scallop omelet, scallop saute, scallops and spaghetti. Hungry, I say. 

In the meantime, check out some of Lighthearted Locavore's  super easy scallop recipes.

From Newsday:
"Over the weekend, Southold bayman Pete Wenczel took a break from his busy fishing season to haul out gear he once feared would become obsolete: his scallop dredges, the mesh baskets fishermen use to scoop scallops off the bay bottoms".... read more
 "New York bay scallop harvests once averaged 200,000 to 300,000 pounds a year. Last year the official catch was 18,000 pounds - a bumper crop by recent standards. The biggest official scallop harvest since 1995, it's still a reduction of more than 90 percent compared to historic landings. Many baymen have since turned to conch and other species to fill in the gaps. "

In the press:
11/4: According to Charlie Manwaring, owner of the Southold Fish Market, the first few days of scallop season, which officially opened in Southold Town on Monday, "is like Christmas to a lot of people...."the opening retail price for a pound of scallops was $17, but he expected that price to go up by at least a dollar by week's end. On the South Fork, a pound of scallops is going for as much as $22" (Source: North Fork Patch)

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