Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lighthearted Locavore in the News...

Nicole Bode the Senior Editor over at DNAInfo a new hyper local news site focusing on life in Manhattan and I have spoken a few times in the last several months about Community Supported Agriculture in Manhattan. 

I put Nicole in touch with Just Food which my favorite non-profit in the city dedicated to CSAs, a direct sales food model which has helped resurrect local farms in our area, and other "good food" and food justice projects. (If you're looking for a CSA, check out Just Food's site and CSA directory.)

This is a quote from the first of a series of articles Nicole plans to write about CSAs this season. Have you signed up for your CSA share yet this season?
Members say the advantage of buying food directly from the farm is better than any trip to "green" grocers like Whole Foods. 
"It's the element of surprise and it's knowing my farmer," said Lexi Van de Walle, a nutrition counselor and writer from the Upper West Side who belongs to the Chubby Bunny CSA. 
"We plan trips up to the farm and I get little e-mails from the farmer with some of the challenges, 'it's raining raining raining, so the farm is mushy, or it's sunny, sunny sunny, so here's a bunch of corn.' You get pictures of the cows."
Van de Walle, who shares her musings on being a locavore on her blog and on the New York Times local blog, said the experience of buying straight from the farm has helped teach her kids, now in their teens, about distinguishing "real" food from "industrial" food. 
"They're at the point now, and I give the farm a lot of credit for this…they'll have nothing to do with non-farm food, I should say industrial food. They've lost interest in McDonalds," she said. 
"They know the difference between a farm carrot and baby carrots that have been cut into little pieces and put into a bag. The difference in taste is so extraordinary that my kids are like, 'we want farm carrots'," Van de Walle said.
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