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Foody Face Fun by Ad Man Bill Wurtzel

Thanks to two articles by Sam Roberts over at The New York Times (links below) I reconnected with a boss from my advertising days back in the early 1980s at Hicks & Greist. Bill Wurtzel was Executive Creative Director and I had an entry level administrative job working for all the "creatives" at the agency. Now, Bill's a retired ad man, jazz musician, devoted husband, father, and grandfather. Inveterate artist, Bill's recently taken up making faces out of healthy breakfast food for his wife of 49 years, Claire Wurtzel, who is also a renown educator. He's also decided to roll out the concept to classrooms in NYC's elementary schools as part of Michelle Obama's campaign against childhood obesity.  

Here's his latest work...
Peter Cottagetail Wishes You a Hoppy Easter --  Bill Wurzel ©
Bill invited me to teach Foody Face techniques, using only healthy ingredients, to a 4th grade art class in Murray Hill and help him spread the Healthy Foody Face Breakfast Love to kids across America! The only person more excited than the fifteen kids making faces out of pancakes, fresh fruits and vegetables, raisins and dried apples, maple syrup, and turkey bacon and sausages and the dozen or so teachers coming in and out of the cafeteria was me, Lighthearted Locavore/nutrition educator/chef/marketer! I am so jazzed to be helping Bill get the Foody Face message into the hands of teachers and food movement leaders, and into classrooms and farmers markets. 
Here are a few photos....

Sigmund Fruit -- Bill Wurzel ©
Bill and Claire Wurtzel Foodie Face Portfolio -- photo Lexi Van de Walle

Student Foody Face --- photo Lexi Van de Walle

Student Foody Face --- photo Lexi Van de Walle

Student Foody Face --- photo Lexi Van de Walle
Foody Face Educational Materials -- photo Lexi Van de Walle
Bill Wurtzel, ad man and creator of Foody Face -- photo Lexi Van de Walle
Bill's also working on signing a deal to publish a book featuring his 400+ Foody Face breakfast collection --- all made for his wife Claire using healthy ingredients such as whole grain pancakes and waffles, toast, low sugar cereal, steel cut oatmeal, eggs and egg whites, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and dried fruit, turkey bacon, low fat dairy with "sweets and fats" such as maple syrup and butter in moderation.

Foody Face by Simon -- photo Lexi Van de Walle
Perhaps it's the marketer in me, but I see a tie-in with a cereal company, organic egg, fruit, vegetable or turkey bacon producer,  state or city department of health or education, don't you?
Food Face by Lexi Van de Walle -- photo Lexi Van de Walle

Sam Roberts wrote about Bill in these two articles.

"Eggs, Over Easy, Scrambled or Smiling" , article and slideshow, Sam Roberts, New York Times City Room Blog (of course, please don't miss the very cool Lighthearted Locavore link on the City Room Blogroll under "Arts and Entertainment"), 3/5/2011

A few more Foody Face photos on Bill's website

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