Thursday, June 2, 2011

White House Chef Visits Texas Classroom with Culinary Professionals

Chef Bill Yosses, the White House Pastry Chef and Food Advocate, joined the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) yesterday for a visit to University of Texas Elementary to work with the children. Everyone got involved with picking vegetables from the huge garden and cooking at Whole Foods, who generously donated their gorgeous professional kitchens. I'm in Austin this week for the 33rd annual IACP conference (and also a trustee for IACP's Foundation, The Culinary Trust and co-chair of the food policy section). It was very cool to join in on the fun afternoon, despite the 98 degree heat, with Chef Bill, the teachers, chefs, coaches, IACP members and, of course, the wonderful students!

White House Chef Bill Yosses Addressing the Children
We all assembled in the University of Texas Elementary cafeteria where Chef Yosses gave the students the microphone and asked "what fruit or vegetable did you learn about and like this year". 

"Sorrel" answered one girl, "I thought it was going to be yucky". 

Other students added Brussels sprouts and carrots to the list. 

Chef shared his recipe for "carrot lemonade".

The energy in the room was awesome.
Chef Yosses in the School Garden Picking Vegetables
After the talk in the cafeteria, we all moved to the garden out back to pick the last of the vegetables from the students garden before taking quick bus ride over to Whole Foods to cook.
The Bounty

Student Chef Wearing His New "Garden to Table" Apron
The fresh picked potatoes were crafted into Stir Fried Baby Potatoes with Vegetables and Herbs
More Bounty...

Young Chefs Learning to Fold Whip Cream from Chef and "Crustmaster"
while a group made Fresh Fruit Napoleons over Scandinavian Sugar Cookies with Fresh Whipped Cream

UT Elementary Garden to Table Composed Salad
and another team chopped the tomatoes and other veggies for Garden Salad with Fresh Fruit Vinaigrette with Homemade Croutons with Parmesan Cheese
Veggie Saute


Almost Ready to Eat!
The excitement was infectious...........and the food tasted great! 

After the "Kids in the Kitchen", "Garden to Table Event", the grown ups headed over to the Capitol Building for a rally to celebrate the first anniversary of Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Chefs Move To Schools Campaign. 

I loved being with the children and hanging out with uber lovely Chef Yosses.

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