Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Be a Locavore

I signed up to blog about the second annual Locavore Challenge for September 1-30 (sponsored by Northeast Organic Farming Association - New York). Here are NOFA-NY's top 5 reasons to join. Won't you register today? 

Reasons to Be a Locavore (reprint from NOFA-NY website) 

There are many reasons to become a Locavore.  Below are NOFA-NY’s top 5 reasons.  By taking control of your food choices you make a big impact on yourself, your community and the earth; and you should be proud! Share with your friends, family and co-workers why you have chosen to become a Locavore and encourage them to do the same.


Locally produced organic foods are freshly harvested at the peak of ripeness.  Fruits and vegetables can lose both nutrient content and flavor the longer they sit in storage or transport after being harvested.  By choosing local produce you are eating what is best tasting and what is best for your body.


The shortest distance your food has to travel, the smaller your carbon footprint on the environment. By supporting local, organic and sustainable farms you can be confident that your purchases have promoted the best environmental practices and are free from harmful chemicals.


By purchasing local food you are supporting local businesses both directly and indirectly.  Local farmers and food business are more likely to spend their business dollars within 250 miles as well.  By purchasing food from local farmers your food has a name, a face, and a family that you are helping to support.

New York state organic farms are typically smaller-scale and promote biodiversity by growing more diverse crops than large-scale monoculture farms.  By committing to eating locally, you are exposed to a number of new products and varieties that are both nutritious and delicious.  New York state is able to produce an abundance of different fruits, vegetables, grains and livestock; a virtue which all New Yorkers can take full advantage of!

Eating clean, nutritious food is the best investment you can make for your own health and the health of your family.  Organic foods are grown in healthy nutrient rich soil which results in healthy produce and animals.  Foods are free of toxic chemicals, antibiotics, synthetic hormones and GMOs.

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