Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Prep, and Cold Cucumber Soup

One thing about massive storms like Hurricane Irene is that they literally turn your life upside down and force you to take care of basic necessities such as safety, shelter, toilet flushing and, of course, what your going to eat if the electricity goes out.

After the heavy duty outdoor chores and a warm lunch of Atlantic Gray Sole with Wine and Dill and Grilled Corn, we headed down to Meadow Lane in Southampton to look at the surf and get a look at the Shinnecock Inlet which if you don't know cut into the Dune Road/Meadow Lane barrier beach that runs from Southampton to Westhampton in the Great New England Hurricane of 1938 aka "the Long Island Express". Unfortunately, County Parks personnel barricaded the the park and we could not get anywhere near the inlet.(Check out the live webcam below if you want to watch the surf - it updates every 15 minutes).

Pre-Irene Surf in Southampton, Long Island
When I got home I made a fresh batch of Fresh Tart's dairy-free cold cucumber soup which I thought would keep well and be a welcomed accompaniment to tonight's Hawaiian Poke Tuna and Avocado dinner or lunch tomorrow just as the hurricane hits the East End. 

And then finished some more chores.... 

- filled the bathtubs with water to bath with and flush toilets since if the electric goes out our well pump won't work
- made some fresh blocks of ice using zip lock bags (don't fill all the way) to put in our Igloo cooler if we need to 
- check the batteries and bulbs in our flashlights, and tested the emergency crank radio 
- moved the cars to high ground
- re-checked outside for potential projectiles

Soup's in the fridge.

Now back to the here to view an updated live shot

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