Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cold Borscht Soup

With the last days of summer upon us, and a two weeks supply of beets from Chubby Bunny CSA, I decided to make a Cold Borscht Soup. Super Easy. Delicious.  And, low calorie (just 1 Weight Watchers Points Plus).  

Beets -- roasted, peeled and chopped
We love cold soups, especially during the summer when tomatoes, summer fruits and cucumbers are abundant for Gazpacho or Cold Cucumber Soup --we loved this borscht recipe too.
Bright magenta borscht with a dollop of fat-free Greek yogurt
I don't think I've ever tasted cold (and vegetarian) borscht soup as the borscht recipes that I've eaten have been not only hot, but made with beef or chicken stock with generous portions of beef and the addition of other vegetables. Think thick, rich, and one-pot meals.

What makes borscht "borscht" is the sour taste that you get from either lemon or vinegar according to my research. This recipe is light and refreshing and contains just a few ingredients -- beets, onions, fat free yogurt, and lemon for the "sour".

Today's recipe is from Joan Nathan's The Foods of Israel Today which I picked up earlier in the week because I'm planning a trip to Israel in November and is simply a puree of roasted beets, onion, salt, sugar (I used local honey), water, lemon and sour cream or yogurt (I used local, fat-free Fage Greek yogurt), with fresh dill and chives (I had only dried herbs which are not as tasty as fresh). 

Cold Beet Borscht with Dill and Chives

Joan Nathan wrote a piece a year ago, "Borscht: Hot and Cold and Red All Over"  and included a copy of the cold borscht recipe that I made this morning (the only change is the addition of celery). Click here for hot, cold and delicious BORSCHT RECIPES. 

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