Friday, October 21, 2011

Food Day: New Yorkers Are Preparing To Celebrate

On Monday, October 24th, America's inaugural Food Day, organized by Center for Science in the Public Interest, will kick off with thousands of events across the country. Several notable celebrations in NYC and on Long Island are in the works. 

The reasons to support Food Day are many  -- increase awareness of the connection between food and disease, provide support for local farmers/sustainable fishermen, promote healthy food access in low income neighborhoods, protect the environment, improve conditions for food and farm workers, and provide our children with the knowledge they need for long-term human and environmental health.


Check out the Food Day website and type in your zip code -- there are thousands of events across the US --  for a huge buffet of events in New York and beyond. Here's what I found in our area (click on the links):

Local area celebrations from know your farmer and other educational events in schools, fundraisers for hungry New Yorkers, good food movie screenings, concerts, rallies, at private home dinners and special restaurant events. 

Right now, I'm planning on heading down to EATALY, a partner of Food Day, on Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street to meet with some farmers, food purveyors and fishermen (and sample some locally grown and locally harvested and delicious food). 

Then, I'll head over to the "eat real eat-in" at Times Square with an impressive speaker line up including Food Network host/cookbook author Ellie Krieger, chef Mario Batali, Super Size Me movie star Morgan Spurlock, chef/caterer Mary Cleaver, Dr. Isobel Contento, food politics maven Dr. Marion Nestle, and the Meatless Monday campaign founder, Sid Lerner. The "eat real eat in" starts at noon. 

Even if you can't attend an event, consider cooking a seasonal, sustainable and healthy meal from this mouth-watering and downloadable recipe book. And, in honor of the Meatless Monday campaign, also consider the easy meat-free, dairy-free and fish-free alternatives. Learn more about Food Day Meatless Monday!

What are you doing to celebrate Food Day on Monday?

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