Sunday, April 29, 2012

5 (More) Great Things to Eat at N'Awlins Jazz Fest

Yesterday, I posted 5 Great Things to Eat If You Only Have One Day at N'Awlins Jazz Fest. Today, I have five more.

1) Raw Oysters -- you can get all kinds of oysters at Jazz Fest -- fried on French bread or in a spinach salad, Oysters Rockefeller  -- but, there's nothing more beautiful than the raw briny bilvalve that you can get inside the Grand Stand ($7 for a half dozen). Back this year, after missing 2011's Jazz Fest due to the BP Oil Spill, these oysters are harvested from Louisiana's Black Bay. They are not only huge, but also delicious.
Louisiana Black Bay Oysters (Photo: Lexi Van de Walle)
2) Vietnamese Spring Roll (goi cuon) with peanut dipping sauce -- these vermicelli and lettuce stuff shrimp spring roll are light and tasty. If you're trying to watch your calorie intake this is the "go to" meal. I had mine for breakfast with a cafe au lait and a bite of a sugary beignet.

Shrimp, Vermicelli, and Rice Paper Rolls (Photo: Lexi Van de Walle)
3) Jama Jama and Plantains combo platter of spicy Jama Jama and fried ripe plantains will set you back $8 and is a great lunch or late afternoon snack for another healthy and yummy choice.

Plantains and Sauteed (Spicy) Spinach (Photo: Lexi Van de Walle)

4) Beignets and Cafe au Lait from Cafe du Monde -- need I say more? Hot fried dough covered in powdered sugar (my stepdaughter's breakfast) and a cup of chicory coffee with milk (for me)......mmmmm!!!
Cafe du Monde's Iced Cafe Au Lait and Sugar Covered Beignets (Photo: Lexi Van de Walle)

5) Trout Baquet -- a generous portion of pan-roasted and super buttery local trout topped with Louisiana crabmeat. A full meal or for sharing -- this is great for dinner before the last show.
Trout Baquet (Photo: Lexi Van de Walle)
Strawberry Lemonade - on target to sell 30,000 gigantic cups at this year's week-long event of the most refreshing lemonade you'll ever taste, I can't imagine a day at Jazz Fest without it to counter the heat and the crowds and wash down the food.

Strawberry Lemonade (Photo: Lexi Van de Walle)

Sweet Potato Chips -- don't say "no" to these fried bits of heaven with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. It was hard to just have a taste and not devour a whole bag!

Fried Sweet Potato Chips (Photo: Lexi Van de Walle)
Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas
Great to see these guys on Saturday, April 28th. 

Back in 2005, for my husband's big 50 birthday celebration, Nathan and his band first played the Zydeco Festival in Connecticut on a Friday night in June, then took the ferry over to the south fork of Long Island to get to our house in Southampton for Henry's birthday party on Saturday night. I have fond memories and lots of photos of the guys sleeping on our lawn. We also have a bunch of their CDs and just love the zydeco sound and Nathan's charm.

Nathan Williams Sr. on the Accordion (Photo: Lexi Van de Walle) 

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