Sunday, November 4, 2012

Healthy Sauteed Carrots and Maple Syrup

When I was a girl, I remember pulling bright orange carrots out of the ground from our suburban garden and making this sauteed carrots and maple syrup recipe with my dad. I've been watching my calorie intake lately, so I lightened up the traditional recipe by cutting back on the butter -- this recipe is just 1 Weight Watchers Points Plus points per serving. The 1/4 cup of water helps keep the calories to a minimum while maintaining the rich and satisfying flavor and all important "mouth feel" of the butter.

When serving guests, I use a premium and local butter
 and the more expensive (and really fun!) multicolored heirloom carrots. I peel them for a pristine look, but if its a family dinner, I'll use everyday carrots and skip the step of peeling (more fiber that way too)!

Sauteed Carrots and Maple Syrup 
8 servings
2 pounds carrots, scrubbed, peeled and cut into coins  
2 T butter
2 T local maple syrup
1/4 cup water

Add all ingredients. Heat and cook covered for about 5 minutes. Stir and cook uncovered for another 5 minutes until liquid has reduced and carrots are cooked through. If carrots cook before the liquid is reduced, remove the carrots and set aside and reduce the liquid. Pour syrup reduction over the carrots and serve.

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